Nina Conti ran away from the Royal Shakespeare Company to become a ventriloquist. She has since wowed audiences from Harrah’s Casino in Las Vegas to the Edinburgh Festival. Her sidekick Monk claims Nina’s act is ‘genre defying’; but then he’s full of foam and lives in a small box, so what does he know?

Nina Conti: Ventriloquist

In 2014 Nina’s documentary ‘A Ventrilquist’s Story’ won a BAFTA. Nina takes ventriloquism away from traditional family entertainment towards something more edgy. Her own clean cut image and Monk’s cutesy appearance cannot disguise his basic animal needs; and a less than wholly innocent outlook on life.

With Nina’s Scottish grandmother also joining the pair on stage; it all adds up to an utterly convincing, technically flawless and downright hilarious show.

Live Shows

Nina’s many live performances include Let Me Out, a one-woman ventriloquist farce written especially for her by Ken Campbell. She has also appeared as a weather presenter (with Monkey) in the Hollywood film For Your Consideration; and as Dylan Moran’s ex-girlfriend (without Monkey) in Black Books.

TV Credits

Other TV credits includes Ant & Dec’s Saturday Take Away, Loose Women and the comedy series Single.

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