Impacttologist, Inventor, Business Media Commentator & Entrepreneur Martin Brookes. What is an Impacttologist you may ask? In brief, a person who has spent most of their professional life seeking to understand the impact of successful people; and most importantly, exactly how they achieve that result.

Martin Brookes: Impacttologist

Martin has studied and understands what it takes to create impact. He brings his knowledge of psychology, body language, voice, language and influencing strategies; under his own unique label of behavioural change, Impacttology. Martin has worked at the highest levels of industry and business schools. As a management trainer and coach for over 12 years; whilst running his own training business. Martin is fascinated by how our leaders in business, politics and media achieve their results and his audiences learn how to create this success for themselves, their teams and organisations; as a result of hearing him speak.

Cerebral Palsy

As a communication professional, who helps senior executives improve their communication skills; Martin was seriously challenged when his own daughter (Mia) was born with cerebral palsy. This meant she was completely physically disabled and unable to speak. She was however able to communicate by pointing with her eyes. The systems initially offered for helping Mia communicate were bulky, expensive and very difficult to personalise.

Martin thought there had to be a better way to help his daughter. So he invented an application (app) for the iPhone; that has helped her communicate with a product that is affordable, portable and easy to personalise. Despite no IT expertise, Martin’s determination and love for his daughter helped him dig deep; and show a level of determination and resolve that motivates, inspires and challenges people to think more creatively about their own situations. However difficult the environment they are operating in.

Learning Apps

Having seen how children joyfully engaged with touch screens; Martin was struck by the business opportunity of how they could help children learn. Taking what he learned from creating his first app, he invented a second app (iSpy Phonics); that helps children to learn to read whilst playing. When Martin’s wife saw that the parenting website was looking for candidates for their “Real Dad of the Year” in 2010. She put his name forward and the site’s members were so touched by his story; they overwhelmingly voted him their winner.

Martin Brookes: Speaker

Martin is a motivational speaker with an inspirational story that will inspire any person, team or organisation of lessons on how to be successful in challenging circumstances and how to develop greater impact for professional and personal success. In 2015 Martin was interviewed by the BBC as a “subject expert”; commenting on the performance of the party leaders in the run up to the General Election. His insights can help individuals and business succeed to their true potential.

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