During 15 years service in the Royal Air Force John Nichol flew Tornadoes; in both the Air Defence and Ground Attack roles. On active duty in the Gulf he was shot down on the first low-level, daylight raid of the Gulf War. Captured and tortured, he was paraded on television; provoking worldwide condemnation and leaving one of the enduring images of the conflict.

Back To Active Duty

He returned to active duty and was involved in policing the exclusion zone as part of the UN force; maintaining the fragile peace in Bosnia. He has served around the world from the Nevada Desert to the Middle East and Norway to the Falkland Islands.

John Nichol: Author

John is the best-selling author of 10 books including – Tornado Down; which describes his ordeal as a POW and five novels Point of Impact, Vanishing Point, Exclusion Zone, Stinger and Decisive Measures. His latest books are works of World War II oral history: The Last Escape; charts the harrowing, untold story of Allied POWs in the closing stages of the war. Tail-End Charlies which gives a unique insight into the final, controversial battles of the bomber campaign in WW2; and Home Run which recounts the amazing experiences of evaders behind the lines in occupied Europe.

Business Speaker

John is in demand to give motivational lectures and after-dinner speeches; and has worked with wide variety of businesses including British Telecom, Stockholm School Of Economics, Shell and Lloyds Bank.

John Nichol & The News

He has written for all of the UK national newspapers including; The Times, The Mail on Sunday and The Guardian and is a widely quoted commentator on military affairs. John Nichol has also been a consultant and presenter for; Newsnight, BBC News, CNN, World in Action, ITN, Sky News and Cutting Edge. He devised and presented 2 series of Survivors, interviewing news makers who have been through life changing experiences. John is a member of the The Royal British Legion all-party Gulf War Group; and a patron of the British Ex-service Wheelchair Sports Association. He is also a very poor golfer.

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