Jim is one of the most inspiring and highly sought after speakers and coaches in Europe. He is the only speaker to have developed a unique model for personal and business achievement and proved it in response to an audience challenge.

He put his life on the line to go from overweight, smoking, non-riding consultant to riding in his first televised race as a jockey in just 12 months. All to prove that The Ten Rules for Taming Tigers is not “self-help snake oil” but a unique set of tools for change.

Audiences love the fact that he puts his money – and neck – where his mouth is. They enjoy his mix of business empathy (having been CEO of Change Consultants, Optimise, and in-house counsel at UK computer giants ICL (now Fujitsu)) and his hilarious delivery style. They also relish the practical tools that he leaves behind and his tales of lettuce leaves, early mornings, hospital trips, lasting friendships and temporary triumphs from the racetracks and gallops.

Jim speaks frequently on the following areas:

  • Inspirational/Motivational Keynote and call to action
  • Taming Tigers
  • Building Winning Teams
  • Taking the leap into leadership – Taming the Leadership Tiger
  • Leading Change
  • Engaging the Organisation

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