Dr Graham Jolley is an extremely engaging mind reader, psychologist, entertainer, cabaret magician and conference speaker; with a stream of TV credits and a flair for keeping audiences enthralled. Who would believe that one of the busiest entertainers in the UK today; is someone who claims to be able to read people’s minds? Welcome to the world of renowned mind reader and psychologist Graham P Jolley.

Graham’s Mystical Comedy

As one of the most outstanding psychological entertainers today, Graham Jolley has stunned and mesmerised guests all over the world. His mix of mind reading and mystification is both bewitching and captivating; yet it is driven by a razor sharp sense of humour that always leaves his audience helplessly entertained.

Versatile Performer

A truly versatile performer, Graham Jolley is as adept at captivating an audience of thousands; as he is at quietly amazing and amusing an intimate group of close friends. Graham has played to packed conferences, private dinner parties and even Premiership football teams; as well as having a string of TV appearances to his name. His impressive skill and charming good humour make him a memorable, engaging, diverse and popular performer.

Graham Jolley Amazing Skills

He will read your mind, members of the audience will read each other’s minds; he will predict your dream holiday and with whom. Graham will even tell you the name and phone number you are thinking of. As a corporate after dinner speaker, a private party entertainer or in the open forum at a conference; his mind reading ability baffles every audience he meets and gains their instant respect.

An Evening With Dr Jolley

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of an evening with Dr. Graham Jolley, is the sharp wit which accompanies each astonishing demo. Guaranteed to keep even the most talkative guests silent, in baffled shock. His will entertain audiences with his repertoire that includes:

  • Floating table
  • Remote viewing
  • Snooker ball experiment
  • Mind reading by phone
  • Phone book prediction
  • Glass shattering with mental power
  • Dream Holiday prediction

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