Eliza Bliss is a fantastic, entertaining musician, from Hungary that plays the musical instrument known as “The Violove” (which is a kind of an electric viola). In her unique and dazzling show the audience is taken on a musical journey through the classical, crossover or Top 40 Hits, musicals or pop, world music or even originals written by Eliza.

She started playing violin at the age of 5. Studied in F. Liszt Music Academy in Budapest. Eliza worked as a street musician to support her family (5 brothers and 4 sisters). One day she was spotted and was asked to join several major symphonic orchestras in Hungary, including the National Philharmonics. Eliza has travelled all over Europe and the Far East. She started her solo career two years ago. Amongst others, she has worked with Paul Potts and Katy Perry, where she made as massive impact and played to great critical acclaim in her “Firework” show.

Elisa can play with bands, orchestras or backing tracks in shows that can be as straight forward as a 10 minute spot, or even 2 x 45 minute sets! Her recent appearances were at the Blackpool’s VIVA show with Darren Day, the “ILLUMINATIONS SWITCH OFF SHOW” with host Tony Joe, and of course a never-to-forget New Years Eve party at the Mandarin restaurant and a 45 minute show at Art Deco Cafe in Blackpool.