Dr James Bellini is a leading futurist and author; with a considerable reputation as a thought provoking keynote speaker and moderator at top level management conferences and business schools around the world. James has spent more than twenty five years as a respected TV broadcaster, futures analyst and writer; with a strong focus on social, economic and tech trends up to Horizon 2025.

Early Career

After an early academic career James Bellini joined the US headquartered futurology ‘think tank’, the Hudson Institute, as its first British member. He subsequently moved to the BBC to present The Money Programme, News night and Panorama and then to ITV as presenter, writer and narrator; of a wide range of award winning doc series, current affairs shows and environmental reports.

Award Winning

James Bellini’s accolades include the Shell Cawston Prize, the Golden Nymph Prize and the Prince Rainier III Prize at the Monte Carlo International TV Festival and a UN award for the twelve part series The Nuclear Age. For seven years he was a studio presenter with Financial Times TV and Sky News.

Dr James Bellini Writer

Dr James Bellini has written many books and special reports and is a regular contributor to leading publications. He has served on the European Advisory Board of The Global Future Forum a worldwide network of futures professionals. He is a member of the British Academy of Film and TV Arts.

James Bellini has a Masters in law and history from Cambridge and a PhD from the London School of Economics. James has also been elected Fellow of the World Innovation Foundation, a global think tank founded by Nobel Laureate Glenn Theodore Seaborg.

Dr James Bellini Futurist

James Bellini describes himself as ‘an historian of the future’, using the perspective of history to analyse current realities and explore the shape of things to come. Key themes include:

  • Tomorrow’s company and the challenge for managers
  • Scenarios for the next 20 years and beyond
  • Global shift – the changing balance of world economic power
  • Impact of emerging technologies
  • Living and working in the Digital Age
  • The Future is Visual
  • Corporate Psyche – key to future business success
  • New business eco systems
  • Future of work and the workplace
  • Innovation in a networked world
  • Our post-carbon future – what impact on our lifestyle?

James Bellini Guest Speaker

His conference speaking engagements have taken James Bellini to venues across Britain, to every major European city and to events in the Middle East, the US, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Uruguay, South Africa, Australia, Malaysia and New Zealand. He has addressed audiences ranging from a company board to a satellite link event of several thousand.

Recent clients include government departments, business schools, international industry associations and leading blue chip companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Bull, Motorola, GE, Barclays Bank, PepsiCo, Gucci, British Telecom, Canon, Symbian, Skillsoft, Pfizer, HP and Blackberry.

As A Consultant

James Bellini brings his expertise to advising companies, trade associations, regional authorities and government departments in key areas of business development:

  • Forward strategy – driving board level development of corporate vision and follow up planning
  • Corporate reputation – helping organisations audit, sharpen and refine their crisis management practices and media relations skills
  • Leadership communication – training senior executives to become more effective communicators to a range of audiences: conference presentations, investors / analysts, employees and other stakeholder communities.

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