David Gunson is a Former Air Traffic Controller and After Dinner Speaker. He has remained in constant demand for over 20 years; as one of the UK’s most sought after and funniest after dinner speakers.

Air Traffic Control

Born in Yorkshire, David Gunson started his working life in a Sheffield steel mill and later joined the Royal Air Force; where he flew Shackletons in Coastal Command for twelve years. Gunson’s love of aviation continued into his civilian life; where he became an Air Traffic Controller at Birmingham Airport, which is where the fun all started!

Business Class Speaker

Dave talked down aircraft for over twenty three years, and as he used to say; “My aim is to stick at it until I get it right”. Circumstances led him to the After Dinner Speaking circuit. Where his smooth approach and impeccable timing, does nothing to allay the fears of would-be airline passengers; leaving them with the nagging doubt that it’s all true.

Dave Gunson: After Dinner Speaker

As a speaker David Gunson’s talk is based on the facts; as with tongue very much in cheek, he takes us behind the scenes in the world of flying. Producing laughs and several raised eyebrows. Often mischievously, as with a wry smile, he informs us that; “We force them down narrow corridors, thereby greatly increasing the risk of collision. While at the same time justifying the job of Air Traffic Controllers to keep them apart.”

Award Winning Speaker

Dave’s hilarious presentations and side splitting stories have been captured on record and tape; entitled ‘What Goes Up Must Come Down’. David Gunson has been a winner of the Benedictine After Dinner Speaker of the Year Award. Once you have experienced David speaking in full flow… air travel somehow, is never quite the same again!

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