Best known for his performance as the annoying leisure centre manager, Gordon Brittas in The Brittas Empire. Chris Barrie was also the deeply sad, Arnold Rimmer in Red Dwarf; the man who only made love to a woman once in his entire life (this was only because she had been hit on the head by a winch).

Spitting Image

Originally an impressionist at The Comedy Store, Chris’s TV career began with a memorable contribution to Jasper Carrott’s Election Night Special. He was quickly signed up as a cornerstone, of the pioneering Spitting Image team; and provided voices for: Ronald Reagan, Prince Charles, David Coleman, Paul Daniels, Barry Norman and John Cole.

TV & Film

Chris has added some big screen credits to his name, after appearing besides Angelina Jolie; as Hilary the Butler, in two of the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider films. The latest string to his bow, is as host of Chris Barrie’s Massive Engines, for The Discovery Channel. In the show, self confessed car fanatic Chris; explores the development of trains, diggers, airships and other industrial wonders.

Public Speaking

As well as after dinner speaking, Chris Barrie is a hugely popular awards host and conference link presenter. He often appears in the guise of a close relative of Gordon Brittas, to bless the proceedings the Brittas way!

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