Best known for his performance as the annoying leisure centre manager, Gordon Brittas in The Brittas Empire. Chris Barrie was also the deeply sad, Arnold Rimmer in Red Dwarf. The man who only made love to a woman once in his entire life; this was only because she had been hit on the head by a winch.

Spitting Image

Originally an impressionist at The Comedy Store; Chris’s TV career began with a memorable contribution to Jasper Carrott’s Election Night Special. He was quickly signed up as a cornerstone, of the pioneering Spitting Image team; and provided voices for: Ronald Reagan, Prince Charles, David Coleman, Paul Daniels, Barry Norman and John Cole.

Chris Barrie TV & Film

Chris has added some big screen credits to his name, after appearing besides Angelina Jolie; as Hilary the Butler, in two of the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider films. The latest string to his bow, is as host of Chris Barrie’s Massive Engines, for The Discovery Channel. In the show, self confessed car fanatic Chris; explores the development of trains, diggers, airships and other industrial wonders.

Public Speaking

As well as after dinner speaking, Chris Barrie is a hugely popular awards host and conference link presenter. He often appears in the guise of a close relative of Gordon Brittas; to bless the proceedings in the Brittas way!

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