Carole Spiers: stress, organisational change and entrepreneurship. Dramatised by a BBC guest broadcaster and global motivational speaker; with unique platform skills, backed by 20 years business experience as a CEO.

Carole Spiers: Speaker

As a World Authority on Executive Stress and BBC Guest Broadcaster; Carole’s focus is on a healthy workplace culture, through the management of stress and organisational change. All of which is under pinned by a compelling philosophy, reinforced by her own experience; as an Expert Witness before the UK Courts.

Keynote Speech Topics

  • ‘Show Stress Who’s Boss!’
  • ‘Change Is Inevitable – Growth Is Your Challenge’
  • ‘Unlock the Hidden Entrepreneur in you – Lift off to Success!’

UK & Middle East

Author of Tolley’s ‘Managing Stress in the Workplace’, Carole is the founder of the Carole Spiers Group; an international Stress Management and Employee Wellbeing consultant, working with equal success in the cultures of the UK and the Middle East. That for over 20 years, has had among its clients, leading companies including: Accenture, Al Habib [Oman] AXA, CNA [Qatar], Etisalat [Dubai], Dubai Cables, IBM, Kanoo Group [ME], and Walt Disney.

Carole has also set herself as a provocative, weekly columnist for Gulf News; and Past President of the London Chapter of the Professional Speakers Association. In the UK, Carole launched National Stress Awareness day; on behalf of the International Stress Management Association UK, of which she is a Vice President.

Carole Spiers has launched her first book, `Show Stress’. Her charismatic style and ability, to engage emotionally with audiences; has made her a sought after keynote speaker around the world.

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