One of the UK’s best known physicists, Professor Brian Cox OBE has featured on a multitude of TV shows; making all aspects of science engaging and accessible to millions. Brian’s down to earth persona during his time on screen, has made him highly desirable for all sorts of productions; proving testament to his ability to create intriguing content on many topic areas.

TV Credits

Brian’s hugely popular TV shows includes Wonders of the Solar System, Wonders of the Universe and Stargazing. With books accompanying his many TV features; Brian Cox has created a reputation for himself as a leading authority in the field. Speaking and acting as a TV presenter on everything from Atoms, Planets and Microbiology; Professor Cox has assembled an impressive portfolio of media productions that have only heightened his TV acumen.

Brian Cox Speaker

Speaking in a number of high profile events including TED in the US and the World Economic Forum in Davos. Brian’s compelling presentations as a tech speaker have provided through provoking scenarios for thousands of inspired audience members. Featuring awe inspiring images of the deepest sections of the universe. Brian’s infectious enthusiasm for his topic areas, including sustainability, the environment and outer space; is immediately apparent and will be sure to entertain guests for the entirety of his talks.

Tech Speaker

Professor Brian Cox uses leading tech to recreate the nano seconds after the big bang for his listeners. Hoping to ‘reveal the underlying simplicity of the universe’; Brian strives to make even some of the most complicated areas of science relatable to all.

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