Described by the BBC’s Mark Thompson as being “Part of the history of TV”; Benedict Allen is best known for being the first to record his arduous and treacherous exploits, without a TV crew. His technique has been to sink into remote communities, placing himself in the hands and at the mercy of the local people and their environment; learning to survive from their methods alone. By single handedly capturing his experiences on film; he has created groundbreaking, spontaneous and authentic programming.

Benedict Allen: Adventurer

Benedict says “To me exploration isn’t about conquering natural obstacles or planting flags. It’s not about going where no one’s gone before in order to leave your mark, but about the opposite of that; about making yourself vulnerable, opening yourself up to whatever is there and letting the place leave its mark on you”.

Media & TV

Because of his exploits, in 2013 Benedict was in the Daily Telegraph’s list of Britain’s “Great Explorers”; the only other living adventurer being Sir Ranulph Fiennes. His TV work includes the major eight part reality epic ‘Exhibition on Africa’ (2009) for the History Channel; ‘Unbreakable’ (2008) for Channel Five and ‘Traveller’s Century’ (2008) for BBC4. His six BBC series include ‘Skeleton Coast’, ‘Edge of Blue Heaven’ and ‘Ice Dogs’. Benedict hosted ‘Adventures for Boys: The Lost World of Ryder Haggard’; and was an expert contributor for BBC2’s ‘Extreme Dreams’.

Benedict Allen Author

Benedict is a great author with ten books to his name, including; The Faber Book of Exploration and Into the Abyss. He has therefore written many articles, for a wide range of magazines and newspapers. In 2010 Benedict became a trustee and council member of the Royal Geographical Society.

Inspires & Invigorates

Benedict Allen inspires and invigorates a variety of audiences; by skilfully translating his ‘against the odds’ survival, to the global corporate ‘jungle’. Because of this Benedict is a very popular motivational speaker. His guest speaking and hosting events include: Deutsche Bank, Intel, IBM, Price Waterhouse Coopers and GLP Care Ltd among others.

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