Alfie Moore is probably the only comic, to moonlight as a copper. He has now left the day job, after four sell out Edinburgh shows and his own BBC Radio 4 comedy series ‘It’s a Fair Cop’. Born and raised on a council estate in Sheffield he was an engineering apprentice in the steelworks, before joining the Police.

Alfie Moore: Comedian

Alfie was a serving police sergeant with the Humberside Constabulary, for 18 years. Some what unusually, he is now a professional stand up comedian, with sell out Edinburgh Fringe shows, as well as his own Radio 4 series.

Alfie Moore: Speaker

Alfie Moore is an experienced and versatile guest speaker, presenter and comedy writer; with his distinctive niche area, as a serving police sergeant. A natural and truly charismatic raconteur, his thrilling insights into life at the front line of the police force, will not only alter your perspective on the ‘boys in blue’, but also have you in fits of laughter. Alfie has found that walking the beat and dealing with everyday incidents, has generated a host of funny stories that you ‘just couldn’t make up’.

Comedy on The Beat

He brings a wealth of insights and comedy moments, from his twenty years on the beat. Where a keen sense of humour, has been the key to his success and survival!

After dinner, Alfie Moore shines his ‘night stick’ on some of the more bizarre aspects of modern policing – like calling prisoners ‘customers’. He also takes a light hearted swipe, at the twin burdens of paperwork and being a ‘PC’ PC. He also demonstrates the pitfalls, of trying to arrest a man fleeing the scene of crime, dressed as a carrot; or tasering a man wearing nothing but flip flops. All in a day’s work for the modern police officer.

Alfie’s Radio 4 show is a huge hit, showcasing his deadpan look at the policeman’s lot and asking the audience how they might fair in law enforcement. He has also appeared in; The Independent, Radio 4’s Today programme, Sky News, Comic Relief and The Wright Stuff, as well as on Radio 5Live. Alfie also competed in ITV’s ‘Show Me The Funny’.

Comedy Style

His observational comedy style lends itself to witty, and sometimes gritty, anecdotes; based on everyday modern policing. This ability to present everyday issues in a comedic way, led to a commission from an NHS Trust. To develop and deliver material, for raising awareness of issues about men’s health.

He has written and presented three series of his BBC Radio Four comedy series ‘It’s a fair cop’. Which received both public and critical acclaim, described by the Daily Mail as “offbeat, revealing and very funny”. A fourth series was commissioned in 2018.

Alfie was one of the stars of ‘Show Me The Funny’ (ITV), and wrote and presented ‘Alfie Moore’s Almanac’ for BBC Radio. He has been featured on; Comic Relief, as a pundit on Sky News, BBC Radio 4’s Idiots Guide to Crime and Punishment, Bizarre Crime (BBC 3), Confessions of a Police Officer (Channel 4). In 2017, Alfie joined the presenting team of Criminals Caught on Camera (Channel 5).

Alfie Moore has written and performed solo shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, including; ‘I PREDICTED A RIOT’ and his acclaimed show about gambling ‘VIVA ALF’S VEGAS’. During August 2014 he debuted ‘THE NAKED STUN’ in Edinburgh. Where it was a total sell out, for the full month of the run and was toured both nationally and internationally.

His 2015 show ‘A FAIR COP STANDS UP’, was nominated for Best Comedy at the Buxton Festival and sold out in Edinburgh. He is currently touring his deliciously dark, stand up comedy show ‘GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER’. Alfie Moore has also supported Rhod Gilbert, Sarah Millican, Russell Kane and Milton Jones on their national comedy tours.

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