Ex footballer Alan Brazil co presents Talksport radio’s ‘Breakfast Show’. In the past Alan would present with Mike “Porky” Parry. Their double act was a highly successful, banter packed few hours. With Brazil constantly calling Parry a ‘numpty’ or a ‘tube’; and Parry giving back in kind, by referring to Alan’s champagne lifestyle.

Alan Brazil: Radio Presenter

Parry became ill and Graham Beecroft, who is constantly harangued by Brazil, took over. Since then Alan has had other co presenters, including the former Cricketer Ronnie Irani. All well served by Alan’s constant banter and sporting opinions.

Champagne Lifestyle

The ‘champagne lifestyle’ charge that follows Alan around, does not seem totally unfair. He himself keeps alluding on air; to all the sporting events around the world, he has attended or is about to attend. Even the Talksport website refers to champagne, as his favourite tipple.

Career Highlights

Alan won 13 caps for Scotland, he is known best for his role in an attractive and successful Ipswich side. He also played for Manchester United and Spurs. Winning two UEFA Cup medals with Spurs & Ipswich. He was forced to pull out of football at the age of 27, through injury.

As well as his role on Talksport, Brazil also runs his own racing club – Alan Brazil Racing.

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