Month: January 2020

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magician in a traditional tuxedo, with various props, looking mysterious and magical.

6 Reasons to Have a Magician at Your Next Corporate Event

Are you looking for something to take your next corporate event up a notch? Then you should consider hiring a different style of entertainment to bring your event up to the next level. Keep reading to learn why hiring a magician for your next event is a great idea. 1. Make it Memorable With a Magician…
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Business: Re-Energise Conference 2020

Time to Re-Energise! As we enter a new decade, having been worn down by Brexit issues, facing fresh economic challenges. A Business group felt it was time to Re-Energise. Arranging an appropriately titled Business conference with four speakers ready to light the match and send us all into motivational orbit. Stress in Our Lives Psychologist…
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