Month: July 2018

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Carol Cleveland Monty Python Reunion Announcement

Monty Python’s Forgotten Member

‘Monty Pythons flying Circus’ (BBC 1969 -1974) was a surreal TV programme which changed the face of comedy not only in Britain but the world. Its popularity stretched across Europe and The United States. Many of it famous sketches, which often mocked the establishment, are still re-run on television today alongside DVD’s, Albums, several books…
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Robbie & Dad on stage

Pete Conway & Robbie Williams: Like Father Like Son

Robbie Williams is recognised as one of the best selling music artists of all time, having sold 75 million records worldwide. Six of his albums are in the top 100 biggest selling records in the UK; four of which are in the top 60. But some of that magic may well have come from his dad.…
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Private Charter Cruise Events

Comicus is associated as pioneers in the cruise world, being the first to integrate modern new comedians onto traditional cruise ships, an artistic comedy development our Director first implemented in holiday resorts, then moving the concept to the oceans of the world for several multinational cruise companies. Such careful booking with a studied team of…
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1981 Man Utd v Celtic

Football Nostalgia: The Daily Express 5-a-Side Competition

Five-a-side football is often seen today as a training method, used by clubs to keep players fit and practicing moving the ball quickly. What is often forgotten is this form of the beautiful game once had its own special competition. Leading teams would compete on a knock out basis in single evening of five-a-side football…
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Football Nostalgia: The London Evening Standard 5-a-side tournament

Football Nostalgia: London Evening Standard 5-a-Side Tournament

The London Evening Standard 5-a-side tournament (organised by the Sports Council now called Sport England) was first introduced in 1954.  And the last time in 1995. The competition, was usually played towards the end of the season (April, May). It featured the capitals league clubs. Roger Hillier says. ‘Initially the tournament ran for seven years…
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Tennis Speakers Benefit From Boom

It is fifty years since Tennis went ‘Open’ – this change allowed professional and amateurs to compete together at major Grand slam championships, namely the US Open, French Open, Australian Open and Wimbledon (the oldest Tennis competition in the world). Since 1968 the game has soured in popularity, with millions watching on TV and thousands…
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