Where Brands meet Comedy

The comedy entertainment marketplace offer an ideal way of promoting brands through a number of marketing initiatives such as product launches, sponsorship and awareness campaigns.

In his career Matthew Willetts (Director) has created award winning artistic solutions for a number of leading brands. This has been achieved by an extensive knowledge of the entertainment industry, mixed with business experience and a clear understanding of the client’s brand. Comicus offers a variety of creative initiatives that present the ideal creative solution. A unique service from conception to delivery

After taking an initial brief, Comicus will suggest methods to reach the target audiences through entertainment initiatives and respective databases. Comicus works closely with the client by understanding the objectives of the project and the brand values before giving an extensive proposal and programme of action.

Creative Initiatives include: sponsorship platforms, social media programme, theatre tours, talent competitions, university tours and promotions, venue branding, road shows, television, DVD and the Edinburgh fringe festival.

Brands that work best through humour & comedy are brands that don’t take themselves too seriously and have a strong element of fun and social integration (see the Heinz Salad Cream case study at the bottom of the page).

Workshops & Training
Comicus Ltd provides a variety of arts based training and informative lectures that can be delivered to groups or to individuals to support corporate initiatives such as teambuilding, presentation, writing skills, change management or employee motivation. Our aim is to bring the best out of people, enabling them to achieve outstanding creative results.

Comedy workshops have been used for a multiple of corporate initiatives, such as a fun day experience or as a team building exercise involving presentation and writing skills. Emphasis can be placed on different aspects of the course depending on what the delegates want to achieve. The fun starts with looking at how comedy material is written and the different aspects that go into making a good joke or laugh line. This is rolled out by looking at our own life experiences as an inspiration to create relevant funny material.

One of the most effective forms of communication is humour. When people are being entertained they tend to listen and remember more. Comicus combine creative flair with technical excellence to produce promotional, training and information presentations on Video, DVD and AV. Taking a firm brief from the client we work to get your message across through humour, drama and strong writing. The creative team are experienced in producing many different styles of programmes, from a magazine format, to documentary, drama, reconstruction and pure advertising in a concise, effective and entertaining way.

Using the best comedy writers, producers and performers we offer a complete production service to provide our clients with dynamic, high impact presentations that work. Our creative team have worked on such broadcast TV programmes as Little Britain, Steve Coogan, Jack Dee, Harry Hill, The Sketch show, Have I got news for you, The Late Edition and many others. They have also worked for a number of corporate clients (Coca Cola, Swedish Match, SunAlliance, President Office Furniture, Marks & Spencer)

To assist others in the making of their own productions, Comicus offers a range of services, including scriptwriting, casting, directing, creative consultancy, video film crews and editing.

Speech Writing
One of the most daunting experiences for many people is to get up and make a speech. Comicus cannot only help and advise on Presentation skills but can use professional writers to script the speech based around a corporate initiative or personal brief.

View Major Drinks Manufacture Case Study

The Background

The client was a major soft drinks manufacturer which was holding its annual conference.

The Problem

During the conference the company wanted to provide their employees with help & support in areas that most concerned them. One such issue was public speaking. Those that had to do this, sometimes, frightening task were embarrassed, concerned and nervous at the thought of standing in front of people and delivering a speech let alone trying to be funny. They did not want to let themselves or the company down.

The Solution

A series of comedy workshops were booked during the conference for all styles of employees (lower, middle management & executive levels) where they were shown how to get up on stage with confidence and relax. Further, delegates were taught how to turn personal anecdotes into amusing stories without making them self indulgent and of no value. The Staff attending the workshops were also shown how to use the newspaper as a source of comedic and interesting research to include in a speech.

The Result

Delegates became a lot more relaxed and confident about standing up in front of people, delivering information with amusing asides. Further the managing director commissioned three speeches to be specifically written for him.

View Asphalt Engineering Company case study Case Study

 Asphalt Engineering Company

The client was a highly successful engineering (Asphalt) company supplying a unique web base flooring to support and make highways, pavements and airfields last longer.
The busy executives were completing 45 minute sales presentations up and down the country to interested groups and parties ranging from local councils to large construction companies.

The Problem

The professional presentations were packed with interesting product information but the subject matter could at times be a little tired. What was needed was something to lighten and possibly entertain to keep the audience alive and interested.

The Solution

Comicus developed a strategy of movement within the presentation, organised and re-scripted anecdotes and wrote a series of comedy material around the industry issues to help support and emphasise key points in a humorous but professional manner.

The Result

A better response and interest from delegates with key points being high lighted through humour.

View Southampton Solent University case study Case Study

Southampton Solent University

The Background

The client was a growing University in Southampton offering an established list of performance, media and television degree courses to students. One new course which was in development and receiving much praise was the new BA Comedy degree course, the first in the country.

The Problem

The University was trying to find a person with the relevant academic qualifications who could not only lecture, but had a strong professional comedy background so students could be instructed in an academic and practical manner. This was to convey the real life issues around performing and writing within the comedy industry.

The Solution

Comicus was approached to help, and our Director (Matthew Willetts) began lecturing on the module in Comedy writing & performance and further helped develop the course alongside the head tutor.

The Result

Students not only get an academic appreciation of Comedy, but gain a much needed practical insight into the running of a competitive and sometimes cut throat industry.

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