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Comicus was the first company to block book comedians from the national comedy club circuits onto cruise ships. The expertise and knowledge of the company carefully integrated a new generation of artistes into an established field of entertainment.

The foresight of our director further developed self contained comedy clubs on board major cruise ships making them pioneers in the world of cruising. Indeed such innovation was recognised inside the travel industry by three trade awards. Therefore it came as no surprise with the success of this work that others would try and follow the lead taken by Comicus.


The company is responsible for providing some of the most innovative comedy shows on board major Cruise Ships and Liners all around the world. We currently have comedy clubs and performers on ships in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Black Sea and Pacific oceans providing top quality light entertainment for those on board.

The whole comedy programme is put together by our Director, who regularly reviews acts in comedy clubs, theatres and at festivals in London, Edinburgh and Montreal. Thus ensuring first class comedy which is fresh and up to date.

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Comicus books comedians & entertainers into some of the biggest and most prestigious holiday resorts in both Britain & Europe. Some of the countries leading comics have performed to a range of audiences from traditional holiday centres to more up market leisure hotels & country clubs.

It is the ability to understand each performers skills and match them with the appropriate audiences that makes Comicus’s level of service higher than most.

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